Member benefits

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Benefits for the members of ASEMER:

  • Provide a forum for professionals and companies related to Spain and Romania.
  • Participation of an institution that will serve as an interlocutor for their problems and that may transmit, to the different institutions, their needs.
  • And of course, all the legal statutes, contained in Bylaws and legislation, such as:
    • Be a member of an entity that serves as interlocutor for any issue and that will be able to transmit the needed requests to different institutions and entities;
    • Participate in the Shareholders’ General Assembly, the right to vote and appoint members of the Board.
    • Participate in the Board and in the future different governing bodies, committees and working groups to be established.
    • Freely express his opinions on matters on matters within their respective interest, respecting ASEMER reputation and prestige, of the members and their representatives
    • Formulate proposals and applications ASEMER government bodies.

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