Types of events

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The activities included in the ASEMER Bylaws are varied, constant and ambitious.

These activities are established and organised in close relation to the financial availability and resources of the Association, as well as according to the involvement and participation of the members of the Association and of the Board of Directors.

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What is Networking?

  • Nowadays, the concept of Networking is used at all the levels. Yet, what can we understand by a Networking session? Experts consider it a ”net of contacts” and ”networking” is similar to an ”active participation to activities and events aiming at extending the network of professional contacts and at finding new business opportunities”.
  • The literal translation of ”networking” is “work your own net of contacts”.
  • Succinctly, the main idea of the networking is building relations with people of the same professional environment who would like to do businesses with you or you might be interested to do business in the future.
  • It is, in a certain measure, a way of personal selling. You should make yourself visible, known, represent yourself and your professional skills or expertise and defend the benefits of the company you work for, so that you will be able to receive requests of information or expertise from the contacts you have and gain their trust. Networking is also based on becoming well known, being a good reference so that your contacts  recommend you to other people.

ASEMER notifies the members on the networking sessions organised through the Association webpage and the e-mail.

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ASEMER invites Spanish experts from both private and public sector as well as representatives of the Romanian organisations and institutions to take part in the Round tables.

ASEMER notifies the members on the round tables organised through the Association webpage and the e-mail.

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ASEMER invites high representatives of Romanian organisations and institutions and Spanish experts both of the private and public sectors to take part in the Business breakfasts. ASEMER notifies the members on the Business breakfast organised through the Association webpage and the e-mail.

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ASEMER organizes conferences and colloquiums, inviting high representatives of Romania and/or Spain from the private and public sectors who can offer a realistic view on the Romanian current economic situation or on matters concerning the main business fields the Spanish companies are interested in.

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