News from ASEMER associates – Labor law issues for everyone to understand. Editorial projects of SCA Vasiliu Miclea

For over 8 years, SCA Vasiliu Miclea, founded by Răzvan Vasiliu and Andreea Miclea, has established itself on the Romanian market, offering expertise in everything that means labor relations. Our current activity, which involves labor disputes and the provision of specialized advice in conflict mediation and the negotiation of disputed clauses, has led us to find that there is a vacuum of information among both employees and employers.

In this context, starting from the main topics of interest that these actors in the labor market have, we started a series of editorial projects to explain the meaning of all the theoretical, and sometimes cumbersome, aspects provided by normative acts.

The first editorial project, “Maternity protection at work”

The idea of the book “Maternity protection at work” came about due to the large number of requests I received over time at SCA Vasiliu Miclea regarding the explanation of all the steps that an employee must go through in the relationship with the employer once find out he’s going to be a parent.

Frequent clarifications regarding the calculation of the child raising allowance, the pregnant woman’s rights at work, the holidays she can benefit from have led us to work on a practical guide to help all those who end up facing legal issues regarding maternity and work.

The book is structured in three major chapters so that the reader can easily access the sections of interest as follows:

– the period before birth

– maternity

– after the birth of the child.

“Disciplinary research. Practical and theoretical aspects” is the second editorial project that comes to the support of employers, offering them a small compendium with theoretical and practical information, useful in the efficient management of labor relations in the less pleasant moments caused by disciplinary violations.

The paper is structured in six chapters that analyze the entire process of disciplinary research, namely:

I – About disciplinary offenses

II – Initiation of disciplinary investigation

III – Disciplinary Research Commission

IV – Investigating the facts and convening the disciplinary investigation

V – The terms of application of the disciplinary sanction

VI – Communication of the disciplinary sanction decision

The book is based on the experience of our lawyers, both from the perspective of the employer, as members of the disciplinary investigation commissions, and as representatives of the employees whose facts were analyzed by the disciplinary investigation commission.

“Disciplinary dismissal – from theory to practice”, the third editorial project, analyzes the manner of termination of the individual employment contract at the initiative of the employer, for reasons attributable to the employee.

The book is aimed at both professionals in the field of labor law and those working in the field of human resources, being an excellent source of information on disciplinary dismissal.

Disciplinary dismissal – from theory to practice addresses the main difficulties that employers face in practice when they have to apply sanctions and clarifies the entire procedure prior to its application, starting from the relevant legal rules and taking into account the relevant case law.

Relevant details regarding the disciplinary termination of the employment relationship and situations that may occur during the disciplinary investigation or challenge of the sanctioning act are analyzed from the perspective of both the employer and the employee, combining jurisprudential opinions of international, domestic and comparative law. theoretical elements in the same field.

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