Membership Fees

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In order to adapt to the current difficult economic situation and according to the philosophy of trying to make an association ASEMER accessible to all, the current Board has attempted to establish a system of fees that do not involve significant outlays for members.

The Board will try to fund the Association through other funding sources of revenue, with the idea that these membership fees to be more symbolic, and not the main source of funds for the Association.

Fees currently set shall be structured depending on whether the shareholder is an individual or a legal entity (Legal Person, Registered Sole Trade, Natural Person).

A single, fixed fee has been established for Natural Persons. Legal Persons shall choose among the set of progressive amounts that are directly proportional to the turnover in Romania during the previous year, ranging from a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 2500 RON/year.

Thus the established fees are as follows:


Turnover 2015 (in Euro)

Annual membership fee (Lei)

Natural Person 500
Legal Person/PFA-Registered sole trader Under or equal to 100.000 500
Between 100.001 and 500.000 1.000
Between 500.001 and 1.000.000 1.500
Between 1.000.001 and 5.000.000 2.000
Over 5.000.001 2.500

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